Free software

This page contains links to some of the Unix/POSIX software I have written.

I only distribute sources from my pages. However several packages have FreeBSD ports, and packages also include RPM spec files where possible to make installation easier.

Check the individual pages for more details.

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Description Released
Lexter 1.0.3 A real-time word puzzle for text terminals 23 Mar 2001
Lua CJSON 2.1.0 Fast JSON encoding/parsing support for Lua 1 Mar 2012
Ncat 1.0.1 Unix utility for extending command line pipes between hosts 24 Apr 2001
Safelock (Github) A file-based locking primitive 29 Feb 2012
Xin 1.0.0 Unix utility which splits piped data between programs 18 Apr 2001
Personal Weblog 1.0.0 A PHP include file for adding a weblog to a personal home page 15 Jul 2002
MP_WITH_CURSES 1.0 (local) An Autoconf macro for detecting curses/ncurses 23 Feb 2002